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My name is Chrisstoffer and I work at Vangede Games Library. I am also part owner of Chassis Arcade and the event coordinator of Tetris European Championship. This project is supported by Gentofte Bibliotekerne.
Let’s take the arcademachines back into play. I want a different spin on it. We see that simple arcade-like games like, online Tetris, Subway Surfers, Flappy Birds etc. are still fun and popular. We also see a growing interest in both online gaming like Mortal Kombat and Fifa. Furthermore, and surprisingly to some, we also see the online high score boards gaining more attention – new world records a set on old classics all the time.

Now I want the arcademachines, not just as a game mode, but as a game-feeling with its own platform to return. And I believe we can follow up on this boost of simple/casual game-success and the possibilities of the internet plus the fact that we have a unique gaming style and platform here which is placed in the public for everyone to experience and relate to.


These games are easy to understand but so hard to master. Games where you have to be in front of the physical machine, to play it and to prove and improve your skills. It is now possible to create an arcade game that remembers more than just a high score. It is possible to make an arcade game that saves what has happened while other people visited the machine and it is also possible to go online and visit other machines. Every machine can now be individual and unique and they can reach beyond the room they are placed in.

An example of an arcade game that could be made:

The are 10 physical machines placed around Denmark. The game is a racing game seen from above. You have to stay alive for as long as possible. Your car is green and so is the joystick you use and your buttons. Your area, the area this machine starts in, is a little green-ish too. Now every time a car crashes – it will be saved in the game. So the road is a bit different every time from all the wrecks around and all the trashed surroundings. You can also choose to visit the other arcade machines. Like visiting the blue one (blue joystick and blue buttons) and a more blue-ish area. That neighborhood will probably have more blue cars around and maybe a different high score.
This is just an example and is ready to be changed, chewed up, spit around and become something awesome.

Important for the game play:

  • The game has that “arcade feeling & easy to understand
  • The machine remembers earlier games and therefore is different every time.
  • The machines are linked together online and can only be played in front of a physical arcade machine

I have the connections to libraries, museum, real arcade and bars through my job at Vangede Games Library and network from Chassis Arcade. And I think I will make the machines in “IKEA”-style packages with education material (I am a trained folk school teacher so I can’t help it). In that way, every invited library and museum can make an event out of it. Building the machine, getting to know more about the arcade culture, the hardware, history of gaming, actively help taking the arcade scene to the next level – they can decorate the machine, personalize it and keep on playing on it and compete with the rest of Denmark.


Arcade is more than just a game mode in newer games, it is a platform of its own – but it needs to be out there.

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