Response to “Why Introverts are so Quiet”


As a rather extrovert person, I’d like to tell you, how you might understand where the extroverts are coming from:

  • I think you’re interesting, so I’d really like share a lot of thoughts with you.
  • I am not really daydreaming, I am here, right now, in this world, and there’s so much I’d like to tell you about it. And my dreams, oh boy/girl, those too are stories that take a lifetime to tell.
  • My comments are so many, that they keep getting in the way of each other – and therefore overheard. So I go on, and I try again – and again …
  • The situation can be uncomfortable but it helps when I share it with you. And I don’t know why we are here in the first place, but let’s find out together!
  • So many words, so little time.
  • I often fear that I didn’t get the point across, that we didn’t include all ideas and all angles, so I use many point-of-views to reach the goal of the conversation. And sometimes the goal isn’t clear to me before we have had this talk.


PS: This is a personal response to this rather “viral” diagram from introvertdoodles. I’d like to point out, that whenever the conversation or people involved are uninteresting to me, then I appear very introvert & quiet too. But when something or someone is important, then it’s on!