Naturally, I can’t create everything myself. And I hate having ideas, that because of lack of time and skills, aren’t a part of the world. I do see some of my ideas being realized by others (without my influence) and that makes me happy. I want a better world and I’d rather have it while I live in it too.


Projects that need your assistance:

Arcade 2.0 – Coder

Link to English description:
Link til Dansk forklaring:


Generation Us (Social Community) – Coder

I want to change this “Generation Me” into a “Generation Us” but in the nature of this, I need to do it with a team. I do have the idea for a community and a popular new way to do it. It’s a different spin than all others.
– so do you or your friend want to make a selfie-free community? Place to be proud of? A place that remembers your real relations? Then let’s make the social community that is actually relevant, together.


Grid It! The first real open community – Coder

I have an idea of how to connect all social medias together and allow communication across all platforms. Welcome to the new grid.



APP – Social finder – Coder

If you know how to connect GPS and make a map where you can plant locations, then let me know. I have an awesome way for an app that will allow people to find each other years after they met or even in the future.


Retro Game Server

I’d like to host a server for people who play Duke Nukem, Doom and so on. I’d like to use my domain: for it. – Skribent

Dansk e-zine om public gaming.