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ABOUT: Stuff I do to empty the mind and relax creatively. Often still  “open projects” as there is no deadline or end goal set. Made to create and enjoy the process …

The idea for this section is to display some of the projects I work with now and then. Hopefully, the display of projects will catch the attention of productive persons who will add something extra to the future of the project or even become an additional members of the team. However, a project listed here, mostly exists on a hobby based level & works well as a substitute to Netflix binge-watching. My works often starts as a project.


  • 🇩🇰 Snikon – Snak via ikoner. Betydninger (link)
  • 🕹️ Midtlivscrafting – Minecraft hygge
  • 🎧 PT-1210 Guide – How to use the Amiga Program PT-1210
  • 💬 Discord – A Danish Discord server for Danish retro gamers.
  • 🎧 Ouchdio – Awdio was taken. Sound generator for samples and stuff
  • 🎓 Wordcraft – Guide so my 6 years old daughter can find stuff in Minecraft and learn how to pronounce it.
  • 🎓 Snega – My youngest daughter Sega wants to communicate (snakke) but still don’t know words. This is for her. To communicate and show complex feelings.

ABOUT; Original creation of LOGOS, symbols, icons, posters, flyers, menus, pixelart & more.

I enjoy engaging in visual productions mainly for online use. Often with a retro & nostigic aesthetic. either as edited photos or as 8 or 16-bit computer display.

  • Texttv & Teletext – Fooling around with TELETEXT stuff.
  • Little VJ – Also some graphic glitchy goodness experiments. TO-DO Set top banner refresh time. With adjustable parameters.
  • Evoji – VJ with Emojis or creating ASCII.
  • Slidex slixels – Another attempt at live pixel visuals. Also known as: Splixels
  • Amioness – Announcements for events.
  • Drixels – Draw with pixel. By sliding or by press left or right side of pixel.
  • Drixels Dyn – Version where pixels automatically slide.
  • Drixel Dawn – Always changing never the same.
  • MICEQ – Needs access to the device mic. Will display EQ based on mic input. Codes via AI.

Please visit the GRAPHICS SECTION to view a gallery with some of the products.

Sites are responding according to your screen. They will adjust and place elements to fit Desktop, Mobile devices and so on. In some cases the website might completely change expression and design to embrace format and theme.

Websites I have made

Bip Bip Bar



Chip Tune project where I mix and DJ electronic music from original hardware. To create tracks hardware will often be classic synthesizers, Commodore 64, Amiga, Texas Instrument TI-82 & TI-83.  

Dreadful Dollface

Started writing lyrics and play (synth & guitar) together in early 2000. Melancholic gothrock music.





2002 – 202X at:

Bip Bip Bar

TAGS: #arcadebar #natteliv #københavn #nørrebro #arcade #funkdrinks #bar #greatbeer #joysticks #arkadehal #spilbar #aktivbar #dating #datebar #retrospil

Denmark’s Original Arcade Bar

Founder, co-owner & CEO
Bip Bip Bar Founder, co-owner & CEO Arcade Bar in Copenhagen, Denmark. offers quality bevage & quality games. Together with Anders Pollas & Stig Roer. Founded with Julian Roland Andersen.


Fælledvej 7
2200 Copenhagen

FB: /BipBipBar
INSTA: @BipbpBar

Classic Tetris Championship

TAGS: #Tetris #classictetris #nestetris #CTEC #tetrischampionship #esports #classicesports

CTEC – Classic Tetris Championship

Founder, owner & organiser

CTEC represents the European organization of Classic Tetris Championships. Competitions are mainly focused on the PAL format while including Game Boy.

We mainly work on arranging tournaments on location tournaments. The team is online with members from different European countries.


Webshop: FlynnsFactory/CTEC




TAGS: #retrogaming #retrospil #spilmuseum #spiludstilling #spilhistorie #elektronik #controllers #joypads #gaming #gamingconsoles #museum #copenhagen

Consultant & Curator.

Permanent section at ENIGMA MUSEUM.

The permanent exhibition is dynamic with changing games selection and events. I am adding a wide selection of relevant classic computers, consoles & arcade machines for the visitors to interact and play with.

Guests will be using technology developed through Bip Bip Bar with easy adoption.

As much as the exhibition section is a collaboration between Enigma & Bip Bip Bar the section & building would not be possible without the support of Jeudan, PostNord & TDC Group.
– Danish article regarding the new building: Link 

Enigma – Museum for post, tele og kommunikation
Øster Allé 1
2100 Copenhagen Ø
Phone: (+45) 33410900


Videogames & coin-operated (mechanical) machines. I enjoy restoring and sharing the joys of “classic”/”retro” videogames and entertainment machines such as arcades & pinballs – including vintage computer og old gaming consoles. A lot of my work is often surrounded around restoring, publicly displaying and informing about these timeless technical wonders.

Yes, & Yo-Yo as well.


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#Restoration #Preservation #Documentation

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