The idea for this section is to display some of the projects I work with now and then. Hopefully, the display of projects will catch the attention of productive persons who will add something extra to the future of the project or even become an additional members of the team. However, a project listed here, mostly exists on a hobby based level & works well as a substitute to Netflix binge-watching. My works often starts as a project.

A project might be password-projected, as the final product is not ready for use and/or to protect the work & ideas created by others and myself.

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Coach & Credits – Fitness App

Founder & Developer

The “Logo” is just a quick mock-up.

When training and keeping oneself motivated it is my experience, that it all starts and continues from “within”. The best coach is a coach that will become obsolete.

Online coaching works if the coach is invested, the right match and educated. If you want to a focused training with personalized result but you are new to the fitness world – then there is close to no way of finding out if the coach is your match until you have paid for the course. I like how coaches don’t bad mouth each other but I do not like how they instead exaggerate their own skills and promises of results.

I am an educated school teacher and I know that a student who A’s a class might not always be able to teach others in the subjects. In the fitness world, an impressive self obtained body might be enough for others to believe that can get the same by paying for a course of that person.

And at first glance; this is where this app and website finds itself in a bit of a crises. It is both a place where coaches can sign up and be rated by their clients but also a tool for the coaches to improve their communication and own teaching skills. In a nutshell it is even a tool that makes the student become the coach once things are going well. And I understand the conflict of making an app that embitter coaches while also making them obsolete. I might have to chose one direction or the other.

Self-Motivation & symbiose. The app motives people to train. I believe, that motivation is not always in numbers and results. When results motives, they do so when carefully balanced according to challenge, improvement, development, excitement and much more. It is nice to see that you improve but it is also nice to know what you like about that exercise. Maybe you are improving, because you look forward to that exercise – so let’s find more just like it. Actually, let’s give you the tool to find the right exercise for you, but knowing what you like and what is available.

Process: Testing usability and different designs.

Team: Solo with test-candidates in private network.

Development tools: Current state: Google Forms, google spreadsheet, Trello, & WordPress. Easy.

Outlook: There is no plans for launch or team. I believe it will take years before anything might be useful respectively and I might make it opensource/community-based free.

Demo: Password Protected