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Bip Bip Bar

Founder, co-owner & CEO

Arcade Bar in Copenhagen, Denmark. offers quality bevage & quality games. Together with Anders Pollas & Stig Roer. Founded with Julian Roland Andersen.

Fælledvej 7
2200 Copenhagen

Classic Tetris Europe

Founder, owner & Manager

CTEC represents the European organization of Classic Tetris Championships. Competitions are mainly focused on the PAL format while including Game Boy.

Currently working on arranging separately Online & on location tournaments.


Enigma – Games Museum

Consultant & Curator

Project is now funded and currently on development level. A permanent section of the forthcoming buildings of the museum is in the process of being build. The permanent exhibition will be dynamic with changing games selection and events. I will be adding a wide selection of classic computers, consoles & arcade machines for the visitors to interact and play with. Guests will be using technology developed through Bip Bip Bar. As much as the new exhibition section is a collaboration between Enigma & Bip Bip Bar the new improvement of the building would not be possible without the support of Jeudan, PostNord & TDC Group.

Enigma – Museum for post, tele og kommunikation
Øster Allé 1
2100 Copenhagen Ø
Phone: (+45) 33410900

List of games (currently being updated): chrisstoffer.com/gameslist

Link to article regarding the construction of the new building: Link